Privacy statements for Calaym (for Android)


Storage: modify/delete USB storage contents

This permission is required to access file storage, e.g. to delete songs, create a .nomedia file in the music folder

Phone calls: Read phone status and ID

This permission is required to detect incoming/outgoing calls (e.g. to pause playback) and various phone informations. None of this data is not stored or disclosed in any way.

Hardware controls: control vibrator

This permission is generated by the development, probable to prevent vibration when setting/updating notification information. Scrobbler / Simple Scrobbler

By enabling this service, a intent with information about the current music and state is broadcasted by the App. This information can be used by other android programs (Apps).

Other interfaces

Calaym has interfaces to share information about current music and state, and to interact with the software. These interfaces can be used by other android programs (Apps).